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It’s such a long story……I’ve had good, bad and indifferent.  My general dentist is outstanding but is retiring.  The dentist before her was the dentist before her.  Enough said.  Before my last dentist retired she referred me to Dr Ting-Wey Yen for a problem related to radiation.  I met with Dr. Yen.  He developed a plan, actually a variety of plans, and shared those with my retiring general dentist.  

I’ve had head/neck radiation.  It saves lives and causes problems.  Dr. Yen is absolutely the first dentist I believe clearly understands the issues related to the radiation.  Dr. Yen clearly explained the bone structure — without going in to detail, this was necessary for me to decide the the correct option moving forward.  Granted, the radiation saved my life but did some pretty good damage in the process.  

Understanding that all of my dental experiences post radiation have not been pleasant, Dr. Yen has clearly and patiently offered me options.  He has supported me when I have asked many many questions.  He has made me so very comfortable moving forward.  We are on a positive road.  

And to go further — I visited Dr. Yen at the height of the corona virus.  I’m still not sure what he looks like because he is fully protected.  Mask, the equivalent of a bee keepers headdress with a 1950’s hairdryer hose coming out of it, gloves, etc.  Not only is he so well equipped, so is his staff.  The office is so sanitary.  You have to touch nothing in the bathroom.  

I can only say that I am delighted to be in the care of Dr. Yen and I believe he is far too young to retire.  But then, I’ve never seen him because he is so very covid protected.  

Please don’t retire…….

Karen F.

Long Beach, CA


15 years+ ago when I first visited Dr. Yen with my dental needs, I knew I was in great hands when I experienced first-hand the committed top quality care provided by him and his entire staff.  Dr. Yen was incredibly thoughtful, patient, and always took the time to go above and beyond to discuss potential options with me.  I was in my 20s and didn’t have any experience with implants, so I especially really his genuine caring approach in treating his patients.  He always approached from “What is the best option for the patient?” lens.  Throughout the past 15+ years, I’ve moved all over the country and have seen several other dentists for ongoing cleaning/periodontal maintenance.  Every dentist/specialist I’ve visited have been blown away by the art/craft of Dr. Yen’s work when they see the dental work in my mouth.  Dr. Yen truly treats his work as art- he takes such time and care to strive for the best outcome.  Where I’m even more blown away, is that recently, after all these years, I chipped a crown.  Now living all the way across the country, I reached out to Dr. Yen to discuss replacement plans, not sure if he would still remember me.  Dr.Yen not only calls me back the same day, him and his staff went again above and beyond (they even still had all my provisions and models from 15 years ago!) to discuss with my local dentists treatment options.  This is not the type of care you can expect from just any health care provider.  When he takes you on as a patient, he cares for you for many years to come.

I reflect on all that I’ve been able to accomplish in schooling, career, and building a family.  The masterful dental work Dr. Yen provided me truly enabled me with the confidence to be who I am today and go after what came my way.  Back then when he said “We have to do this right because you have the rest of your life ahead..”, I don’t think I fully appreciated the enduring impact his work would have in my life.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Dr. Yen

Janice C.

Montara, CA

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