Fixed On Four

Replacing Your Dentures

There are many ways that a new Fixed On Four restoration will improve your life. If you’re a current denture wearer, your new Fixed On Four prosthesis will eliminate the issues involved with wearing a removable prosthesis and let you return to eating your favorite hard foods without concern. Fixed On Four will restore your facial structure and appearance to nearly the same as it was before bone loss began from wearing traditional dentures. This will allow personality and confidence to shine through regardless of any situation.

The benefits of Fixed On Four implant prostheses

The Fixed On Four implant technique is cost and time effective, because the use of fewer implants with no need for bone grafting saves months of healing. The Fixed On Four solution provides for new teeth that are attached to four implants per jaw and look, feel and function like naturally healthy teeth. In fact, dental implants are the closest thing we have to the roots of our natural teeth. In addition, the implants stimulate bone growth, just like natural tooth roots, helping to eliminate that sunken facial collapse which is so prevalent with denture wearers. 


The Fixed On Four procedure is often completed in a single day as the implants and teeth are inserted on same day. You’ll experience this during the interim phase where the temporary prosthesis is placed, and again when the final fitting of your Fixed On Four prosthesis is inserted.

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