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Here are several examples of smile makeovers that Dr. Yen has performed. Before and after photos show the dramatic results that can be achieved. Please contact us to schedule a time to discuss your situation so we can create a smile makeover for you.



Smile Makeover Case #1

The patient was not happy with the way her teeth looked even after orthodontics. “I can’t see my teeth even in a wide smile. My smile has always bothered me even when I was growing up.”

Through the use of the crowns and veneers we were able to totally change her look and smile.

Smile Makeover Case #2

This patient suffered from heavily discolored teeth and wear. She was referred by the orthodontist for a smile makeover as well as to restore the proper length and the function of her front teeth.

Through bleaching, the use of crowns and veneers, we were able to lighten the shade of her teeth and restore their length and shape.

Smile Makeover Case #3

This patient suffered from a deep overbite, malocclusion, a couple of missing teeth, and excessive wear. She was not happy with the way her smile looked. She felt she looked old.

After the orthodontist corrected the overbite, she had her missing teeth replaced with implants and a smile makeover through the use of crowns and veneers. After the smile makeover, she felt her face and mouth looked 15 years younger. She even started dressing differently.

Smile Makeover Case #4

This patient went to the orthodontist first to look for a solution to make his mouth look younger. He was “not happy with the wear and color of the teeth.”

His smile makeover consisted of some crowns, porcelain onlays and veneers. He was extremely pleased with his new smile and noted many compliments from his friends on “how youthful he was looking.”

Smile Makeover Case #5

This young patient has some malformed teeth. She was referred by the orthodontist after the completion of her treatment for a smile makeover.


This consisted of bleaching followed by some crowns and veneers. She indicated that she “really liked the way my smile turned out.”

Smile Makeover Case #6

This young patient had no permanent teeth, and was so self-conscious of her appearance that she would not go out socially.

After her smile makeover, she was even approached by modeling agents who were impressed with her smile!

Smile Makeover Case #7

This young patient needed a single-tooth implant to replace a missing tooth.


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